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Jess Crombie

Jess has been drawn to numbers from a young age. Yes, you read that right - her year 6 self once said she was going to either be a Famous Tennis Player or an Accountant in her year book. By the age of 14 she discovered tennis was never going to happen and with her accounting degree all but forgotten she focused on other pursuits. 
After finishing year 12 whilst starting out her working career she was given an opportunity to study within an accounting field by a boss who saw “potential”. All we can say is thank god, because Jess was definitely no Ash Barty! Since starting her traineeship as an Accountant she has managed to finish a degree, become a BAS Agent and work in many different management positions including roles as a General Manager and on the board of a co-operative as their Company Secretary. 
In 2019 an opportunity to start her own business arose and she made the Jump. This change has allowed her to tend to a growing family and create new relationships with a range of new industries all while growing her knowledge.Jess believes in the importance of a work life balance and putting your best foot forward. Jess says, “Small business owners often get caught up on the wrong area of their business. Instead of placing their time and energy on their core business, they get hung up on that they do not have a strong knowledge of...administration. This is where Platinum comes in. We are there to help small business learn what they don’t know, there to help them grow and help their business grow in success and reach their goals!”

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