Meet Our Team


Jess Crombie

Managing Director

Jess has been drawn to numbers from a young age. Yes, you read that right - her year 6 self once said she was going to either be a Famous Tennis Player or an Accountant in her year book. By the age of 14 she discovered tennis was never going to happen and with her accounting degree all but forgotten she focused on other pursuits. 
After finishing year 12 whilst starting out her working career she was given an opportunity to study within an accounting field by a boss who saw “potential”. All we can say is thank god, because Jess was definitely no Ash Barty! Since starting her traineeship as an Accountant she has managed to finish a degree, become a BAS Agent and work in many different management positions including roles as a General Manager and on the board of a co-operative as their Company Secretary. 
In 2019 an opportunity to start her own business arose and she made the Jump. This change has allowed her to tend to a growing family and create new relationships with a range of new industries all while growing her knowledge.Jess believes in the importance of a work life balance and putting your best foot forward. Jess says, “Small business owners often get caught up on the wrong area of their business. Instead of placing their time and energy on their core business, they get hung up on that they do not have a strong knowledge of...administration. This is where Platinum comes in. We are there to help small business learn what they don’t know, there to help them grow and help their business grow in success and reach their goals!”

Nadine Attenborough 

Administration Specialist

Nadine or as Jess likes to call her Mrs Organiser and Taskkeeper has been with Platinum Business Administration Services all but since the very beginning. Nadine is highly proficient in all things compliance and keeps the team organised and managed. Nadine is the glue that keeps us running and the success of Platinum within the early days of the company wouldn’t not of occurred without her! 
Nadine has a vast array of accounting knowledge and has worked within a number of different fields from real estate to mining to hospitality and manufacturing. As the Queen of Compliance her attention to detail is often commended within audited financials. 
Working PPT she manages to achieve more in a week then others do in a month, all while raising a family and assisting her husband within their own personal business!


Amy Brown

Administration Specialist

Have you ever had someone join your team and within a few weeks it’s like they were always there? Well this is Amy. Amy is our newest team member joining us in 2021. However, you wouldn’t know it as she has definitely become a part of the furniture. 
Amy is often the first person to greet you with a smile when you visit our office, ready and willing to help! Her thirst for knowledge saw her become XERO certified within a week or two of starting with Platinum with no previous XERO experience and although she says she is still only learning it’s obvious she is well on her way to becoming an administration super star. 
Data entry and accounting file catchup is Amy’s speciality and she has already helped many of our new clients catch up with their out of control bank feeds! If you are looking for someone to get you up to speed she is the person behind the scenes getting you there.