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Sometimes, Just saying thank you is reward enough

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Employees... what do they mean to your business? How do you view them? And what importance do you place on the work place environment you all share. 

I personally have been very lucky as an employee and have managed to have a few instrumental mentors within my previous roles. People I have learnt from and more importantly people who have seen my value and nurtured it to help me grow. 

One such mentor once told me employees are your biggest asset. If you fail to keep up the repairs and maintenance your business will fall behind. So what did he mean by repairs and maintenance? A lot of people think it means money and yes a fair pay package is always going to assist in obtaining employees but it won’t necessarily help you keep them. Instead you need to recognise their needs and cater towards them.

In my time in business I can tell you I have definitely failed at recognising the needs of my employees or more importantly their motivations. Some employees are motivated by money, others by climbing the corporate ladder and some just want to be thanked for a job well done. It’s a fact a happy employee will be more productive and give their all to their employer. Whereas an unhappy or resentful employee will not have the capacity to give their all and often this is through no fault of their own but how they are treated within their position. 

So how can you as an employer nurture your employees and help them to grow? It’s easy put in some effort. Learn what drives them, an easy 5 minute “non work” conversation every day over a month or so will help you to establish what motivators your employee needs to perform at their best. You may even be surprised at how many of your employees are not looking for monetary rewards. 

  • What are their hobbies?

  • How are their family dynamics?

  • Are they avid readers? And what are they reading?

  • What did they get up to on their weekend?

There are many conversations you can have to learn about your employees and once you discover more about them as a person you will understand how to get the best from them as an employee.

So what are somethings you can offer your employees that are not related to their pay package;

  • a half day off so they can have an early weekend

  • Flexible working hours so they can pick their children up from school and go to extra curriculum activities

  • New equipment that helps them in completing their role

  • Morning tea or a staff lunches

  • A small gift voucher to their favourite shop

  • Tickets to their favourite sports team‘a next home game

  • Recognition of their work in front of other staff or customers

  • Asking them their thoughts on a problem or issue the company faces 

  • Training for career advancement

  • Making the team the morning coffees or doing the morning coffee run for everyone on the way to work, or

  • Even more simply pulling them aside and thanking them for their contribution to the company and showing them you appreciate them and their efforts

But what if that’s not enough I hear you ask?

The truth is every company will see employees come and go no matter how hard you try to keep them. Just as businesses change so do the lives of your employees. Regardless, if you treat your employees as the assets you will make contacts and networks for life and when your company is in need you will be able to call on those ex employees you showed appreciation towards to assist. If you don’t

believe me just try it. What have you got to lose?


Please note the above advice is general in nature and may not apply to your situation. It is based on my own experience only, I have had success utilising these options. However, it may not be successful for you. Platinum Business is not liable for any outcomes due to the advice listed in this blog. It is recommended a professional is always obtained should be required. Please note Platinum Business a BAS Agent however the release of the blog does not provide a Client / Representative Relationship .

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