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Why do I need a bookkeeper when I can do it myself?

So you have your own business and it’s going gangbusters. You are controlling everything, and know everything that’s going on. But do you? Really? Are you sure?

Are you really maximising your time and focusing on the things that matter most to your business or are you being weighed down with administrative tasks. This is where a book keeper comes into play. A good bookkeeper will help you reduce stress, free up time, keep you accountable and help your business reach it’s goals. So I hear you ask, can’t I just get my partner/parent/friend/“insertpersoniknowhere” to do it? Often this is definitely an option especially if they have accounting experience but this doesn’t mean you still can’t utilise the experience of a bookkeeper.

A bookkeeper can be a sounding board, someone to help complete your BAS (if they are a registered BAS Agent), someone that can come in and assist with something new.

In a world of constant changes a bookkeeper and in particular a Registered BAS Agent can assist with:




Creditors, Debtors and Reconcilations

and much, much more

All in all it’s important to remember a bookkeeper doesn’t have to complete all your book work they can compliment your business and skills in many different ways. It’s not an all or nothing type of deal and the right Bookkeeper can help you grow your business both long and short term.


Please note the above advice is general in nature and may not apply to your situation. It is based on my own experience only, I have had success utilising these options. However, it may not be successful for you. Platinum Business is not liable for any outcomes due to the advice listed in this blog. It is recommended a professional is always obtained should be required. Please note Platinum Business a BAS Agent however the release of the blog does not provide a Client / Representative Relationship

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